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My teaching ethos has developed and matured over the past 15+ years. I first started teaching in 1995 and I have continued teaching regardless of my research, industrial, supervisory, directorial or professorial work responsibilities. The central tenet of my teaching philosophy and approach is the SECI model of learning, which I was introduced to when I first taught in Japan. This model helps me focus on student learning and my teaching as part of a continual process to be refined and reflected upon, from class to class and from year to year. This learning model has four phases and distinguishes between two different kinds of human knowledge: tacit and explicit. The phases in this model include, Socialisation (online forums, student to student interaction, group work, open discussion), Externalisation (books, slides, notes, code), Combination (seminar preparation, practicals, assignments, team work) and Internalisation (reflection, application, personalised learning). My job, as educator, is to construct a framework for students to combine the knowledge presented in an external form or acquired through socialisation so they can hence effectively internalise it. In order to support these four phases, I have developed four guiding teaching principles for effective pedagogy, which include, Reflection on learning, Positive Learning Environment, Theory and Application and Grounding for life long learning. 

If you are a student and have a question about this come see me in my rooms (listed to the left) or send me an email. 


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