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  • 2015: SMART Tourism, a Scottish Funding Council Horizon Grant, Principal Investigator (PI) - University of St Andrews
  • 2014: Trading Consequences | Exploring the trading of commodities in the 19th Century, a JISC Digging into Data grant, PI - University of St Andrews
  • 2012: LADDIE: Large Augmented Digital Displays for Interactive Experiences of Historic Sites, (Smart Tourism), Co-PI - University of St Andrews
  • 2012: SMART: Scotland’s Museums Augmented Reality Tourism, PI  - University of St Andrews
  • 2012: Identification with Fused Sensor Output, DSTL, PI - University of St Andrews
The following grants were awarded to Professor Quigley in his previous roles. His degree of involvement in each grant is noted. The date order indicates when the grant ends.  
  • 2014: CLIQUE, an SFI funded Strategic Research Cluster on Biological and Social Network Analysis and Visualisation; Co-Principal Investigator (UCD)
  • 2013: CLARITY, The Centre for Sensor Web Technologies Bringing Information to Life, A Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Science Engineering and Technology; Collaborator on RP6 Personalization in Context (UCD) 
  • 2012: BRAID, Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development (BRAID) is an 
EU FP7 Support Action funded within the specific programme "Cooperation" and the research theme "ICT" of the 7th European Framework Programme (Objective ICT-2009.7.1 ICT & Ageing); Partner and WP7 leader (UTAS)
Grants which have now ended.
  • 2011: LERO 1, The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, A Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Science Engineering and Technology; Academic Investigator on LERO SPL1: Visualisation for Software Product Line; LERO Auto-* (AUS1): Dynamic adaptation and self-management of systems (UCD) 
  • 2010: VIZI, Collaborative digital technology research project between UCD, IADT and Twelve Horses funded by the NDRC, Principal Investigator (UCD)
  • 2010:  CAPSIL, International Support Action of a Common Awareness and Knowledge, Platform for Studying and Enabling Independent Living an EU funded support action under FP7; Principal Investigator and Coordinator (UCD)  
  • 2010: ODCSSS, The Online Dublin Computer Science Summer School 2007 - 2009, A Science Foundation Ireland Undergraduate Research Experience & Knowledge Site; Principal Investigator and UCD Director (UCD)  
  • 2009: TRIL, TRIL Centre, Technology Research for Independent Living 2007 - 2009, An Intel - IDA funded virtual research centre addressing the physical, cognitive and social consequences of ageing Principal Investigator on Technology Platform (UCD)
  • 2008: CoViAn, Comparative Visual Analytic techniques and their effectiveness in the exploration of large scale data sets, FP6 - Marie Curie International Reintegration Grants (IRG), Principal Investigator (UCD)
  • 2007: IRCSET Exploratory Grant for Graduate Research Education Program in Visualisation, Graphics and Vision - with TCD and DCU, Co-Applicant and Investigator (UCD)
  • 2006: Pervasive 2006, Science Foundation Ireland, Workshop and Conference Grant; Principal Investigator (UCD)
  • 2006: University College Dublin, UCD - Small Grant - Equipment and Travel; Principal Investigator (UCD)
  • 2006: "Pervasive Visualisation: Off the desktop visualisation", Enterprise Ireland, International Collaboration Programme; Principal Investigator (UCD)
  • 2005: Graph Drawing 2005, SFI, Workshop and Conference Grant; Principal Investigator (UCD)
  • 2005: Smart Internet Technology CRC/NICTA Virtual Personal Server System; Principal Investigator (Usyd)
  • 2005: Smart Internet Technology CRC, BlueStar location awareness; Principal Investigator (Usyd)
  • 2003: University of Sydney SIT small grant, Pervasive Computing; Principal Investigator (Usyd)
  • 2001: University of Newcastle travel grant, Software visualization; Principal Investigator (Usyd)
  • 2001: University of Newcastle departmental grant, Software libraries; Principal Investigator (Newcastle)
  • 2001: University of Newcastle early career researcher grant; Principal Investigator (Newcastle)
  • 2000: Large scale data visualization and abstraction for exploratory analysis; Principal Investigator (Newcastle)
  • 2000: University of Newcastle infrastructure grant, Information Visualization, Principal Investigator (Newcastle)
  • 2000: University of Newcastle travel grant, Graph drawing symposium; Principal Investigator (Newcastle).
I have also managed the funding for 8 additional fully funded postgraduate scholarships awarded under my supervision. 

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