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  • 2014 Best Paper, 12th ACM International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2014) for the paper,
    AwToolkit: attention-aware user interface widgets [PDF]
  • 2011 Best Paper, International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions for the paper,
    Exploring temporal ego networks using small multiples and tree-ring layouts [PDF]
  • 2010 Finalist, University of Newcastle Australia, Alumni Award for Regional Leadership [PDF]
  • 2008 Award, IEEE VAST 2008 Challenge: Node-Link Animation (Cell Phone mini challenge) for the submission
    Animating Multivariate Dynamic Social Networks [PDF]
  • 2007 Best Paper, IBM CAS Software and Systems Engineering Symposium for the paper,
    Visualisation Techniques to Support Derivation Tasks in Software Product Line Development [PDF]
  • 2007 Judge's Mention, Images of Research Competition University College Dublin for the image,
    Force Directed Visualisation
  • 2007 Best Poster, IBM Dublin CASCON for the poster,
    From Migrations to Population Concentration
  • 2006 Honorable mention, IEEE Information Visualisation Conference contest for π-flow
  • 2001 Best Poster, Visual Information Processing for the poster
    Large Scale 3D Clustering and Abstraction [PDF]
  • 2001 Education Award, Excellence in Engineering Education by the National Institute of Engineers Australia for the Faculty of Engineering, University of Newcastle
  • 1997 AJET Prefectural Representative (Elected) for Saga Ken in Japan.

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