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Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is simply "the study, planning and design of the interaction between people (users) and computers". This page contains my overview of this area, links to journals, pointers to leading research groups and labs working in HCI and my related topics. You can find my list of over 140 publications here. At the end of 2011 I wrote a piece for the Interfaces Magazine which sums up my view on where HCI is now and where it's going. 

The user interface (hardware and software) represents the point of contact between a computer system and people and this is where the interaction occurs [1]. This interaction is studied both in terms of input to the system and output from the system but intent, preference, emotion etc. are also considered. My starting point is that the myriad of hardware, software, systems, sensors, and services we have today all act as a computational edifice around which we need realise our future user interfaces or UUI [1]. Much of my interest in HCI stems not from the prosaic common place embedded, desktop or mobile interfaces we have today but instead interfaces required when "computation is everywhere and computer functions are integrated into everything" or Ubiquitous Computing. My motivation in this stems from the desire to bridge the divide between the physical world where our experience is, and the digital world where the power of computing currently resides. 

In St  Andrews my goal is to build a world-leading human computer interaction research group we have called SACHI. I will work with colleagues on developing this group and researching advanced human interface technologies to bridge the digtial-physical divide. Supporting styles of computer human interaction where we can keep our eyes up on the world and task rather than always down on desktop or mobile display.  

As of Feb 2011, we have established SACHI, the St Andrews Computer Human Interaction research group and our associated HCI lab. Our two new HCI lecturers are yet to arrive but there are already a number of people here interested in HCI research. In time we will have a full SACHI website but for now you can read this page or follow us on twitter

If you are interested in postgraduate research in the area of Human Computer Interaction then please contact me. However, I would encourage you to review the areas I publish in, my research interests and those of my colleagues. I would also suggest you read these reports on:

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