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My Voluntary Work

As an academic I spend a lot of my free time writing reviews, letters of support, serving on program committees and contributing to the research community. However, occasionally I get to spend some time as a volunteer on things which aren't work related. I'd like to spend more time on non-work volunteerism in the future. 
  • 2011 JET Programme Interviewer, Japanese Consulate Edinburgh
  • 2010 TEDxTasmania Organiser (Licensee)
  • 2009 TEDxDublin Organiser (Licensee)
  • 2005-08 Volunteer in organisation advocating for equality rights, Dublin Ireland
  • 2003-04 Volunteer centre refurbishment and rebuilding, Sydney Australia
  • 2001-02 New England JETAA, volunteer webmaster, Boston USA
  • 1999-01 International student care program volunteer, Newcastle Australia
  • 1995-97 AJET prefecture representative, Charity and community work, Saga Ken Japan

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