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The following page contains links to useful sites or tools on the website. If you are here then you are possibly a friend or colleague I pointed this way. If the link I promised you was here isn't, then do let me know! 

How to Write a Good Paper Review (new section from 2011) 
In Computer Science in St Andrews we recently had a discussion on how to write a good review and also how to deal with a review you feel is unfair. Most reviewers put in thankless hours of work in writing detailed and helpful reviews. It's our job as academics to accept and use these reviews to make our work better. A unfair review can be addressed in a rebuttal process or in a new submission or by making all reviews public. Whatever the case, writing a good review is an important skill and here are the thoughts and reflections of others on this topic. 

Machine Learning etc. (new section from 2010)
Software Engineering 
Research Links (new section from 2010)



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