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2002 Senior Research Fellow

2002-2005: Senior Research Fellow, SITRG, Australia

My role in this job was as a Senior Research Fellow in the Smart Internet Technologies Research Group and associated with the (Smart Internet Technology CRC) in Australia.

As a senior research fellow I was the project leader for two Smart Internet Technology CRC research projects (one in conjunction with the National ICT Australia). My sub-research group consisted of 7 people at any given time. This included 2 PhD students, 2 Masters student, 2 Software Engineers, 2 Research Associates and a few honours students.

The two projects I led were:

  • Project BlueStar: Scaleable end-to-end location awareness
    A privacy enhanced multi-granularity location-aware mapping and data delivery system. This project focused on addressing the need for a practical user-centric end-to-end location awareness solution rather than on improving the accuracy of either network positioning or indoor location tracking technologies. The approach does not rely on special purpose receivers (badges) and transmitters.

  • Nightingale Project, joint project between NICTA and Smart Internet CRC. This work focussed on developing a Virtual Personal Server System (VPSS) with invisible and novel interfaces.

Projects I was involved with:


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